This site is for use by Customers that have their binding done in our Nebraska facility.

YOUR ABLE IP: - you may need to add this IP in your firewall and open port 9000 for ABLE Communication.


HF Group has developed a new interface for ABLE called Webstart that eliminates the Java Web browser applet. We believe that you will find this easy to use and virtually identical to the ABLE 7.0 that you have used in the past.


To use Webstart the ideal method is to right click on the above Webstart icon and choose Save Link As to save the Webstart application onto your desktop.


Please email


  1. All users of ABLE have been informed that if they want to continue to using Oracle Java that they will need to purchase a commercial license from Oracle ($30 per computer/per year) or use an alternative solution (see below). You will find Oracle Java subscription information here.
  2. HF Group has fully tested an alternative to Oracle Java called OpenJDK/IcedTea Web. This solution is Open Source and only available on 64 bit systems. Click here for more information
  3. To download the Webstart file right click on this link and choose Save Link/File As to download it to your system. The normal Webstart JNLP file (above) will NOT work with OpenJDK.


If you encounter an error, please do the following:

  1. Update to the latest java version at:
  2. Open Java Configuration by going to Start/All Programs/Java/Configure Java
  3. On the Security Tab Security level should be set to High - NOT Very High
  4. On the General Tab click Settings under Temporary Internet Files
  5. Select Delete Files
  6. Select all available options and click OK
  7. Reboot your computer
  8. Try connecting again

Common Errors:

Problem/Error Solution
Account Record Not Found You are using the wrong ABLE website or Webstart program - contact your customer service representative to get the correct URL
Can Not Connect to ABLE Server Your firewall is blocking ABLE. Contact your IT department and ask them to open port 9000 for IP address


To find your support contacts please click here if you have any questions.